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Alte Nationalgalerie

'…Old Fritz, Who Lives in his People'.
The Image of Frederick the Great in Adolph Menzel

Bodestraße 1-3
10178 Berlin


It's Enough for 8 Groschen ...
Frederick the Great Seen through His Coins and Medals

Am Kupfergraben 1
10178 Berlin


Homme de lettres.
Federic. The King at his Writing Desk

10785 Berlin


On the Edge of Reason.
The Picture Series in the Age of the Enlightenment

10785 Berlin

Museen Dahlem

China and Prussia.
Porcelain and Tea

Lansstraße 8
14195 Berlin


Frederick's 'Montezuma'.
Power and Meaning in the Prussian Court Opera

Tiergartenstraße 1
19785 Berlin-Tiergarten

Schloss Köpenick

War Court in Köpenick!
Anno 1730: Crown Prince-Katte-Order of the King

Porcelain for the Palaces of Frederick the Great

Schloßinsel 1
12557 Berlin

Sonderausstellungshallen Kulturforum

On the Plurality of Worlds.
The Arts of the Enlightenment

10785 Berlin