Yadegar Asisi – culture of illusions

Asisi Panometer Leipzig
© Asisi, photo: Thomas Schulze

Berlin-based artist, Yadegar Asisi, first began seriously exploring our visual habits two decades ago in the 1980s. How do we perceive our environment? What does each individual actually see? In 2003, Asisi created the first of the two largest panoramas in the world, contained in the asisi Panometers in Leipzig and Dresden.

What started out in 2003 as a project just for Leipzig has since developed into a fully-fledged business with a team of around 80 staff, with headquarters in Berlin. asisi GmbH has taken on the task of promoting and disseminating Yadegar Asisi’s message of visual culture.

View from the visitor platform in ‘Amazonia’ in Leipzig,
© Asisi

Currently on show in Leipzig is the monumental 360° panorama, ‘AMAZONIA – Yadegar Asisi’s Magical Picture of Nature’, depicting the Brazilian rainforest, which will be replaced by ‘8848 EVEREST 360°’ on 21 January 2012, before AMAZONIA goes on display again for a final time in Leipzig, in the summer of 2012 to the end of the year. In Dresden, meanwhile, Asisi’s panorama ‘1756 DRESDEN – Unfold the Myth’, dedicated to the Baroque capital of the Electorate of Saxony, is on show to the public until 20 November 2011. It will be followed by ‘ROME 312’. Asisi’s first antiquarian project on the conquest of Emperor Constantine I at the Milvian Bridge thus forms an exciting counterpart in the city of Dresden to the PERGAMON-Panorama in Berlin.

View from the visitor platform in ‘1756 Dresden’ in Dresden
© Asisi

Yadegar Asisi
© Asisi

In the two Panometers a special form of visual culture, as developed by Yadegar Asisi, opens up for the viewer to experience. In Leipzig and Dresden, visitors can step into heritage-listed gasometers to take a look at Yadegar Asisi’s panoramas – the largest in the world – and be swept up by what they see, without requiring any background knowledge in the subject. They can experience this special culture of seeing, for here the hectic outside world is shut out and time slows down.

The term ‘Panometer’ was coined from the words panorama and gasometer. The moment the visitor steps into the Panometer for the first time, a mysterious, almost magical effect inevitably begins to take hold from the viewing platform at the centre of the 360° panorama. The panoramas are accompanied by an array of anamorphoses, exhibits and films, as well as sound effects and music, specially composed by the film composer Eric Babak. Individual and group tours can be booked through the exhibitions. In addition, a wide range of events related to the exhibition are also on offer (www.asisi.de).

View from the visitor platform looking north-east in ‘Rome 312’,
© Asisi

8848 Everest 360°,
© Asisi

Panoramas by Yadegar Asisi

2009 AMAZONIA – Yadegar Asisi’s magical picture of nature, world’s largest 360° panorama as a homage to Alexander von Humboldt in the Asisi Panometer in Leipzig

2006 1756 DRESDEN – unfold the myth, first panorama in the Asisi Panometer in Dresden with the monumental 360° panorama of the Saxonian capital in the age of the Baroque

2005 ROME312, monumental 360° panorama in the Asisi Panometer in Leipzig, marking the conquest of Emperor Constantine I at the Milvian Bridge in Rome in 312 AD

2003 8848EVEREST60°, first panorama in the Asisi Panometer in Leipzig to mark the conquest of Mount Everest in 1953

1995 BERLI`N2005–CITYVISION, large Berlin panoramas for the master plans for Berlin (in collaboration with Stern magazine)