Join us and get involved!

The National Museums in Berlin’s Visitor Services bureau has come up with an innovative series of events enhancing the dialogue on ‘Who Knows Tomorrow’.

‘We’ve Got Guests’
In the run-up to the exhibition, Berlin-based organisations and associations concerned with Africa have been invited to give the public an idea of what they do. 

A monthly get-together has been organised with the aim of offering a platform for the continuation of discussions arising during the exhibition. 

Expert discussions
Experts from various disciplines reveal their views to the public on works and themes featured in the exhibition.

Wander about on bike
Explore the exhibition at the four separate venues of the National Gallery by bike.

Summer workshops
A series of theoretical and practical workshops allow you to explore the artists and their works in depth.

In-house radio
Industry professionals give tips to children and teens on how to produce a radio programme which includes their own commentary and views on the exhibition.

School packages and teacher training
School classes can experience the exhibition in the wider context of the city of Berlin by riding between venues by bike. Teachers are offered an introduction on the exhibition’s content, as well as coaching on critical whiteness studies.